Quality Auditing Services;

In today’s market, the main goal of all businesses operating in developed countries like USA and especially related to textiles is to achieve, optimize and maintain high quality standards through time.

SilkRoad Textiles Inc. has been operating in the quality control field of textiles for the last 10 years. We offer our services for the following areas;

  • Factory audit before placing an order; Factory capability and fit analysis, products evaluations.
  • Inline QC during production at source; This type of inspection includes visual inspections of raw materials, semi finished and early lots of finished goods which have undergone the initial stage of production through the use of technical specification card and conformity samples which are provided by the customer.
  • Final random inspection; This inspection involves a quantitative, qualitative and functional control of the completed and packaged product before shipment. Subsequently a Certificate can be issued and be included in the other documents to be presented in bank if payment to the supplier is sent by a letter of credit.

Our services are therefore the ideal solution for all those businessmen who operate in various marketplaces and cannot supervise them all, thus having to commission SilkRoad Textiles Inc. to control their goods produced and/or purchased locally or abroad, without the need to transfer their own employees and thus bear high costs.

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